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Terrorcrats (short for "terrorist bureaucrats" or "coercive political agents") primarily use words/language to dupe and brainwash their victims in order to live off them like parasites. Their "systems" rely on the continued acceptance and use of these words (concepts, beliefs) by their victims. This website aims to expose these words (slavespeak), and to assist with explaining why all coercive systems/institutions are frauds/scams. Upon understanding the concepts presented here, you will realize a whole new range of freedom possibilities.

Summaries of current information and services available:
FreeSpeak Dictionary - a list of all words used in the SlaveSpeak Translator. Following are some critical words/concepts from here which you need to grasp:
SlaveSpeak Translator (public alpha release) - translate slave-speak into free-speak. Try it with any website, e.g.:
Build Freedom Archive - the best collection of advanced self-improvement, freedom, and related websites available - all conveniently in one place!

Anti-terrorcrat website. Non-violent alternative solutions; how to withdraw your support from coercive/criminal groups/institutions; learning to respect other people and their property; stop fighting tyranny and start building freedom!

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